514-817-1989 5148171989 (514)817-1989 phone number
General Information about 514-817-1989
  • State
  • City Montreal, QC
  • Company Telus Mobility
  • Country
  • Usag Cell Number
  • Zip Code 1998
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514-817-1989 / 438-764-5183

Reported date :2021-04-09 01:04:44


514-817-1989 / 438-764-5183 scam alert /covid-19 positive software scammer and sells stolen used computers from church charities in Montreal . He is a Registered sex offender and is well known to the R.C.M.P and Provincial Police of Quebec ,Canada..He sells free pirated software from ( The Pirate Bay ) out of his government housing project apartment , infested with Bed bugs and cockroaches . His other business is a FRAUD ( informatique Fleury )building that is infested with cockroaches bedbugs and mice 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Canada. 438-764-5183 & 514-817-1989 Informatique Fleury Sells stolen used computers from charity church boxes

Reported date :2021-04-09 01:04:49

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