416-857-3456 4168573456 (416)857-3456 phone number
General Information about 416-857-3456
  • State
  • City Toronto, ON
  • Company Fido Solutions Inc.
  • Country
  • Usag Cell Number
  • Zip Code 2001
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416-857-3456 Ray -RAY GHOMI- SCAMMER ! of software and stolen laptop in THORNHILL , ONTARIO that changes his 3 phone numbers weekly calls himself Ray..ON Kijiji ( LOUBI LOUBI or JOSE JOSE, Armand schuppy, Nelson Quarles,Pcmac Reparations, and MoHA ..He a 70 year old French Canadian loser in life, that is a major scammer and a con-artist and he use to be a bank safe polisher for many years in the 1970’s. ( Go figure )His teeth are falling out and his Breath smells like Cat Food and Rotting Cabbage .. He has major B.O. that attaches to you and his apartment smells like Cheese Foot and Armpits..Ray also has hepatitis C / H.I.V and has recently tested positive for ( COVID-19 ) a few times. He’s a pathological liar and a RECENTLY CONVICTED REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO( For fellatio & buggery of a mentally challenged 5 year old German boy in a basement of a well known Catholic Church in TORONTO ) * check it out * HES A OVERWEIGHT DIABETIC AND LIVES IN THORNHILL,ONTARIO IN GOVERNMENT HOUSE * HE LIVES WITH A DEMONIC WITCH *AND THEY BOTH COLLECT DISABILITY CHEQUES ?..?..HIS UNIT IS INFESTED WITH COCKROACHES, BEDBUGS AND FIELD MICE . HE HAS UNKNOWN DRIED BLOOD & STOOL SKID MARKS ON HIS COUCH ,AND TO TOP THINGS OFF HE HAS HOMOSEXUAL PORNOGRAPHY OF SURFER TYPE MUSCULAR YOUNG BOYS ENGAGING IN SEXUAL ACTS ON THE TELEVISION..THIS COUPLES APARTMENT IS A VIRUS TRAP. WARNING !! *DO NOT EVER VISIT OR CONDUCT BUSINESS THERE* :Address: RAY GHOMI 56 STEELES AVE EAST THORNHILL,ONTARIO L3T 1A2 416-857-3456 Report him to the R.C.M.P. and York Regional and Ontario Provincial Police. Caller:  Nabil

Reported date :2021-03-29 04:03:13

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